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When I was an Episcopalian, all you needed was the Book of Common Prayer. Everything an Episcopalian - or any Anglican - needed was in one book - until they changed it.

My understanding is that 1 or 2 service books will get you through most of the Roman Catholic services.

However, the Orthodox service manual is more than 20 volumes. So when you want to purchase a prayer book for yourself, you have many editions to choose from with different purposes. Do you want a Pascha specific one? One for the Liturgy? Personal prayer?

After a fair amount of research, I ordered one that included Prayers of the Hours, prayers for a personal daily rule of prayer, prayers for children, and others.


Blogger xofezura said...

You can get a Missal that will take you through the Novus Ordo (Vatican II) Mass.

They have combo "mini-Missal"/hymn books at my church, so it's redundant to buy one.

However, "Liturgy of the Hours" is something different altogether. "Liturgy of the Hours" is the Matins/Lauds/Terce/Sext/Non/Vespers/Compline
cycle of daily prayer that Western Christian Monastic have used since ... I don't know, Benedict?

These days many Catholic Third Orders still mandate daily Lauds+Vespers+Compline.

I have been trying out Lauds+Vespers for about a week. Plan to move up to Lauds+Vespers+Compline in near future.

The nice thing about is they spell out for you what you are supposed to be doing each day. My understanding is that if you use a Liturgy of the Hours book, you need some knowledge of how to work the various ribbons and understand how everything changes for holidays, etc.

Therefore, for the medium-term I'll be doing morning and evening prayer in english at, rather than in Latin out of a book, where I would be messing everything up.

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Blogger atgnatus said...

The Online Chapel! does a similiar thing. It displays the current prayer of the hour, Saints, feasts and Bible readings.

Specific prayers can be found here with instructions for each day of the week.

Together, the result is very similiar to universalis but not as unified. I'm still waiting for my prayer book to arrive so I can get a better understanding of how the system works. The goarch stuff appears to have been cut and pasted from a book.

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