Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Has Been Working

I've been trying out the Rule of the Imaginary Fraternity of Saint Pambo for a week now. I am having difficulties with the "Liturgy of the Hours", as I mentioned. I'm going to stick with it on days when time permits, and use a Rosary as plan B for days when my only free time is sitting in traffic.

However, what has been working? The Jesus Prayer has been working. It seems to be particularly useful when sinful thoughts intrude. I don't have my copy of "Way of the Pilgrim" yet ... but I'm encouraged so far.


Blogger atgnatus said...

That's wonderful that you have been doing it. Good job!

I have to agree that there are logistical problems. What I am going to do is start with the Daily Prayer on which indicates which Psalms are for which day. I'm going to copy that into my own doc, edit it and add some additional prayers I like.

Then I'm going to print it out in a small font and keep it with me. That why I can pull over on the way to work and pray. At night I can pray without turning the computer on.

But it seems like a hard copy is necessary. Your link to the Liturgy of the Hours has daily pdf's you could print out. But without the hardcopy we are at the mercy of circumstances.

However, I think we don't have to be 100% rigid at this point. My prayer book reiterates that the important thing is to pray. An abridged version of the hours should be fine to start with.

I also think that making it our own will help us follow it. Your point about the poetry is well taken. Plus, I really like the Orthodox Prayer for Children.

Also, different translations have different language. Which, being a reformed Anglican, does affect my appreciation of a prayer.

10:27 AM  
Blogger atgnatus said...

I agree with you about the Jesus Prayer. I have resorted to it in some desperate moments and it invariably soothes my soul. The blessed name of Jesus is powerful. Overtime, as we follow the rule and grow closer to achieving our “goal par excellence [which] is the deification of man, his union through grace with Christ, and his attainment in this present life of the virtues of Christian perfection – sainthood”, the name will have even more power over us.

I need another night or two to get my daily prayer routine hammered out but then I’m jumping into “The Way of the Pilgrim” with much eagerness.

I think things are going to work out – by the Grace of God.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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