Monday, May 09, 2005

Anglican Priest

Recommends Orthodoxy or Catholicism.

Again, not new but new to me. I'll add Pontificator on the right hand side.


Blogger atgnatus said...

On that blog today is a link to some statements by the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA. One of us is a nutjob - it's probably me.

Here's a taste:

There are extremes on both sides, and unfortunately most of the airtime, gets assigned to the more extreme positions. But it was really in that, that the large, diverse center that I think where most Anglicans live, because, they are humble enough to admit that their truth isn’t the full truth, and that it needs to be counterbalanced or make room for other dimensions of truth.

Something else that I think is very important, as we consider the Anglican tradition of which we are a part, the Gospel is always locally embodied. And as I move around this Church, and go to different parts of the country, I can tell you that how the Gospel is understood and interpreted, varies according to where I am. The northeast is very different from the southwest, if you haven’t noticed. And though we’ve had all the red and blue states, politically, there are nuances, area understandings of things, that do affect how the Gospel gets interpreted. And I was a bishop long enough of a diocese to know that a lot of my theology was actually shaped and formed by the people with whom I lived and prayed and worked, day by day, and that was true of other bishops in other parts of the country as well. And so, it becomes even more obvious when you move across the Anglican world. Uganda and Nigeria are very different in outlook from the United States, and, for instance, if you were, as a friend of mine is, an archbishop in northern Nigeria, where there is a very strong and a very militant Muslim presence, you cannot enjoy the kind of theological latitude and open-mindedness that we can enjoy here. You have to be equally resolute and absolute in your presentation of the Christian faith or else you are simply dead in the water. So for us to simply dismiss another part of the world as fundamentalist, is completely inappropriate, and insensitive, because it doesn’t take into account the fact that the Gospel has to be locally embodied, and is affected by the traditions, the cultures that surround, that particular expression of the Church.

12:27 PM  
Blogger xofezura said...

I'm not really following you, Atgnatus. More accurately, I can't really follow the quote. What's he trying to say?

12:35 PM  
Blogger atgnatus said...

Here's the link

What he said is that there is no black and white but only gray. That many truths can exist together and all be valid. That conservative Anglicans in Africa are only conservative because that's what the market wants in that muslim dominated continent.

He is saying that the Gospel changes based on where you are. He is saying that Christians are defined by their community in the sacraments not by Biblical interpretation.

1:02 PM  
Blogger xofezura said...

Okay, I get it now. I was trying to read it at a level that wasn't there.

I like the term "heresiarch" (Pontificator sometimes calls Griswold Heresiarch Griswold). A nice ancient Greek word, fallen into disuse, that has all kinds of potential in the brave new world.

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