Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blew a Fuse

Went to Mass on Mother's Day at my parish.

Priest thought -- in honor of mothers, I suppose --
why not let a lay woman (and mother) give the homily?

Other than the fact that having the laity giving
homilies is prohibited, sure what could possibly be
wrong there?

Well, I blew fuse #1, but in the interest of the day
and to not aggravate my wife more than necessary, I
decided "so what? the regular homily is no good
anyway. Just tune it out."

And got mentally back on track.

So then, time for the Eucharist comes around and the
priest decides to yield his spot to an Extraordinay
Minister of Holy Communion who happened to be a

What's the problem there? Well ... if you want to
receive the Eucharist from a priest (because you think
Extraordinary Ministers should not be used in
perfectly ordinary situations) you have to sit in a
certain part of the church. This is well known and
people who generally don't care for a lot of the
Vatican II changes and want to receive the Eucharist
from a priest will position themselves in those seats,
even coming to church early.

By the priest switching positions, he was breaking an
unwritten agreement, in my opinion.

Well, I blew fuse #2. I refused to go up for the
Eucharist, and it's just as well as I was in a
powerfully ugly mood and full of rage.

Having been forced to go to a year of touchy-feely
RCIA classes that provide very little actual
instruction in the faith, it seems reasonable to me
that I might actually be able to attend a Catholic

I have a tendency to paranoia, and I cannot help
thinking that after my parish's experiment with
liturgical dancers backfired, the heterodox people
that control the wheels of power have decided to
demote the priest (old and befuddled) and just move
Vatican III forward by other means.

There's another parish in our area that is much more
faithful, with far less experimentation and
"creativity" in the Mass. It's just a pain as we are
settled in and know people now at the current parish.

I hate the idea of "parish shopping" but I'm drifting
into a bad cycle of rage->depression->rage at these
very interesting Masses I get to attend.

For the life of me I do not understand why cradle
Catholics have such an itch to act like Protestants
and to turn Catholicism into something it is not, when
there are Protestant churches up and down the street
that have everything they are apparently looking for,
and which will give them much more than the Catholic
church ever will in their lifetimes.

This is a very negative post, but next one will be
more positive I think.


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