Thursday, May 12, 2005

LA Cathedral

The Anchoress rants about how ugly the Los Angeles Cathedral is.

Having been there, I concur wholeheartedly but she left off one particularly awful detail.

If you read about the Cathedral in a typical write-up, it will discuss how the windows, instead of being stained glass, are made of multiple thins layers of alabaster pressed together. I'm not sure why that is supposed to be good. However, I can tell you from direct observation that the appearance of this finely pressed alabaster is exactly like glass which has not been washed in a long time.

So, sitting inside the Cathedral, once you are forced to take your eyes off the tapestries (which after all are to either side of you) and look forward or up, you find yourself asking over and over again "why doesn't someone wash those windows? Oh, yeah ... they're alabaster."

The crucifix up by the altar is also ugly, and the whole layout is weird. Bah. I went once, will not go back.


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