Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rewriting History in Tunisia

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has an article about attempts by the Tunisians to deny that residents of Carthage practiced infant sacrifice.

Not only is infant sacrifice mentioned over and over in the history record, but there is a large amount of archaeological evidence to confirm it.

Nevertheless, the Tunisian government is instructing tour guides to tell foreigners "it never happened."

There's a "historian" pushing this in Tunisia. I can understand him saying "let's talk about the vices of the Greeks and Romans for a minute," but I can't understand how a historian would lie in the "national interest."

Although it's done all the time, of course. It seems like the greatest danger of a "one world government" is that a whitewash would actually work for all time.


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Therefore, Chesterton (in his new chapter "Astarte and Her Consort Moloch: A Sensitive Reappraisal") calls for a fundamental cultural return to ancient, pre-Judaic, earth-centered forms of spirituality and cultic practice designed to promote new sexual paradigms while at the same time reducing human population and restoring harmony with the natural cycles of death and life, sacrifice and renewal.

From Mark Shea

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