Wednesday, May 18, 2005

RIFSP, Version 0.3

First Year of the RIFSP

  • 1. Pray Rosary daily and Jesus Prayer when commuting.

  • 2. 1/2 hour of lectio divina (in my case in Latin)

  • 3. Almsgiving (10% tithe minimum)

  • 4. Fast (2 small meals daily except Sundays and Solemnities) and abstain (no meat on Fridays or during Lent)

  • 5. love others, consider them better than yourself, and judge no one. Also, keep the "Melchizadek Rule", avoiding debates/controversies that do not concern you.

This revision eliminates the Morning/Evening Prayer requirement for Xofezura, replacing it with the Rosary requirement. It also eliminates the Daily Mass requirement, which Xofezura can't even dream of satisfying at this point in his life.

Under Version 0.2 of the Rule, Xofezura went down in flames in only 3 weeks, failing on points #1, #2, #4, and #5. #3 is really part of the Rule only so Xofezura cannot totally fail ... it's a "gimme."

I'm ready now to try again and battle on points #4 and #5, but #1 and #2 as originally written were hopeless for me. There's something (for me) actually depressing about doing communal Morning/Evening Prayer outside of community. I was getting to where I dreaded it. I felt like the Last of the Mohicans or something.

Since the Rosary is a private devotion, it seems like a good switch.


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