Saturday, May 28, 2005

Salt of the Earth

Anyone wanting to read up on Pope Benedict's thinking would be better of with Salt of the Earth than with The Ratzinger Report, in my opinion.

Salt of the Earth hits a lot of points of great interest these days, whereas the other book lays out Pope Benedict's basic thinking, which you can get pretty much from reading the news.

Short snippet from Salt of the Earth:

Metz, if I recall correctly, asks why we [Catholics] ought to make ourselves a clone of Protestant Christianity. It is actually a good thing, he says, that the experiment [women's ordination, contraception, celibacy of priesthood -- liberal Protestantism, in other words]. For it shows that being Christian today does not stand or fall on these questions. That the resolution of these matters doesn't make the gospel more aattractive of being Christian any easier. It does not even achieve the agreement that will better hold the Church together ... [so] the Church is not suffering on account of these questions.


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