Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Spiritual Works of Mercy

1. Admonish sinners

Is this Christians who are sinning, or the unconverted?

2. Instruct the uninformed.

Become a catechist?

3. Counsel the doubtful.

Hmmm. What does this mean? How would we run into the doubtful if we really wanted to fulfill this work, or are we meant to fulfill it only serendipitously when we run into someone who says "I am doubtful, counsel me"?

4. Comfort the sorrowful.


5. Be patient with those in error.

Okay ... I suppose.

6. Forgive offenses.


7. Pray for the living and the dead.

The "easy" one ... lol


Blogger boinky said...

actually, prayer, that is TRUE prayer, is much harder than the other things...
at least for me.
As a doc, I've counseled, admonished, instructed, and comforted...
But to sit down and pray without distractions? Hard work...but if I don't pray I can't do the other things.

11:04 PM  
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Blogger Roberto Iza said...

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9:28 AM  
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Anonymous Michael said...

"I am doubtful, counsel me"

Ha ha. No, it doesn't have to be exactly like that. Any time you give advice to someone uncertain, you are "counselling the doubtful". You want to give advice that will help them to do good and avoid evil.

7:48 AM  

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